Staging Secrets To Sell Your House Fast in Snohomish County!

You probably know that you should stage your home even before you list. But are you really aware of how much good it can do you? Staging can, in fact, increase the sale price by as much as 7%, and staged homes sell, on average, 100 days faster than homes that aren’t staged. Those are some pretty impressive staging benefits. But where do you begin, and what, exactly, should you do? You can find all kinds of staging advice and tips online. What we want to do, then, is give you some little known staging secrets to sell your house fast in Snohomish County.

Understand Why You’re Doing It

The first step in doing anything well is understanding what you are trying to accomplish. When it comes to staging, you have two primary goals: 1) to sell for more and 2) to sell your house fast in Snohomish County. And you achieve those goals not by doing what looks good to you, but by making your home appeal to buyers.

A 2017 National Association of Realtors survey found that 49% of agents believe staging affects buyers’ perception of a home, and an overwhelming 77% of agents said staging makes it much easier for buyers to visualize a home as their own. And these facts often mean a bigger sale price and a faster sale. According to the same survey, more than a quarter of agents said that staging often increased the sale price by 5%. In addition, staging, according to 39% of agents, significantly reduced a home’s time on the market.

Do First Things First

One often overlooked staging secret to sell your house fast in Snohomish County simply involves doing the necessary preparatory work before you start moving furniture around and decorating. That means, first of all, decluttering aggressively. It will not only make your home look better, but will also allow buyers to imagine it as their own home stocked with their belongings.

Then, after you’ve cleared out all the clutter, it’s time for deep cleaning. Shampoo carpets, make the kitchen and bathrooms sparkle, and open windows to air out the house. Hiring professional cleaners is also a good idea. For effective staging consists first in doing the fundamental things first.

Shoot for a Light, Bright Look

In addition, staging to sell your house fast in Snohomish County means aiming for a light, bright look and feel. And a big part of achieving that look involves getting some light into the rooms. Otherwise, buyers won’t be able to see all your staging work.

Start by opening blinds and replacing heavy drapes and curtains with sheers. Also, clean or replace dingy lampshades, and dust or replace light-obstructing light fixtures. Bright rooms are simply more inviting and more appealing.

Set Up Vignettes

A vignette is just a small scene or arrangement to create an area of focus and so set the desired mood in a room. It’s nothing complicated really, but can be a highly effective staging tactic to sell your house fast in Snohomish County. And it is much cheaper than buying or renting a bunch of new furniture for staging effect, which won’t create the desired focus anyway.

When setting up vignettes, think in terms of themes like a table laid out with flowers and a wicker basket. Or you could have an outdoor theme with, say, potted plants, gardening tools, and a gardening hat strategically place by the patio door. Your goal here is to create/setup a themed scene that makes buyers want to insert themselves in it.

Consult Your Agent

The goal of staging, then, is to make your home appear warm and inviting, to look like a place buyers can envision as their own. When it’s done right, your house can sell 50% to 80% faster. So our final “secret” for staging to sell your house fast in Snohomish County is to consult your agent. Your local real estate agent can be a wealth of advice and tips for effective staging.

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