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Moving to Washington State might be one of the wisest choices of your life. Did you know Washington ranks No. 1 overall in the 2021 U.S. News Best States rankings? The State is actively known for dynamic mountain ranges, unparalleled natural beauty, stunning landscape, and a burgeoning economy. In this post, you’ll learn pretty much everything about why relocating to Washington can be a good choice for you and your family.

Your Guide To Homeownership

Everything you need to know about buying a home in Washington State.

Washington State, also known as the Evergreen Sate because of all the fir and pine trees which keep their green color year round, is situated in the Pacific Northwest (PNW) and must not be confused with the US capitol Washington DC.

A pristine lake in Washington State with

Washington State, An Overview

To begin with, the Pacific Northwest is popularly known as the prettiest region of the United States. The PNW is comprised of 16 million people, half of which reside in Washington state alone. The Cascade Mountain Range is one of the most famous ridges that knives through the state separating it into its western (wet) and eastern (dry) territories.

As part of the range, the colossal Mount Rainier, some 14,400 feet high, typifies the Washington State landscape. It is a region from where citizens can view the breathtaking mountain range from almost any rooftop.

Benefits of Moving to Washington State

Besides all the pretty landscapes and rainbows, let’s explore the nitty-gritty details of moving to Washington State and whether it’s a good choice for you and your family.

The State is Home to Seattle the Emerald City

That’s perhaps the leading perk at the front. Outdoor enthusiasts who also want to enjoy the vibrant city life would never want to miss the opportunity of living in or near Seattle.

It’s sprinkled with green forests, hiking trails, and pristine lakes. Its teeming with coffee lovers, has a thriving culinary landscape which includes a brilliant mix of casual and upscale eats, a lively independent music scene and bicycle riders galore.

Skyline view of Seattle with the space needle and Mount Rainer in the backdrop.
Drone Photography- Arial view of Lake Goodwin in Stanwood, WA

First and foremost, there are vibrant neighborhoods in and around the city for you and your family to call home. Moving north of the city seems to have more perks than the more crowded, less charming south.

One such bedroom community to the north of Seattle is in the more affordable area of Snohomish County; full of cities with saltwater beaches, rolling hills, wilderness, and farmlands making it a mankind’s paradise.

The 13th largest county in Washington State enjoys natural, forest lands spread across 2,090 square miles. It’s only 9% urban and 18% rural with 5% agricultural to provide the dream life for people of all ages.

Moving to Washington State and settling in one of the cities in Snohomish County with its year-round moderate climate and fertile land is a golden chance for Americans who crave the off-the-grid experience with a touch of the city conveniences when required.

Hottest Housing Market

One of the excellent benefits of moving to Washington State is that you can invest in its hot and soaring housing market. It’s ranked 7th due to home appreciations, meteoric growth in job opportunities, low taxes, and lowest mortgage delinquencies.

Neighborhoods and counties like Snohomish are selling properties like hotcakes. Washington State has outperformed its West Coast neighbors, California and Oregon, in the last year.

We’ve seen double digit increases in home values for the year 2020 and predict it to continue into 2021. The Washington real estate market is just predicted to get hotter with time. The property values might appear slightly expensive for beginners, but it’s worth the time and resources; you will be making a solid investment for your future.

With the guidance of an expert realtor in Washington State who can lead you to untapped markets, its possible to find the biggest bang for your buck.

Loads of Job Opportunities

Home to big, booming, ever-green companies: Microsoft, Google, and Amazon, Washington State keeps employing over 100,000 people every year with new jobs posted all the time. Interestingly, those companies aren’t even the biggest employers in Washington State.

Washington is also home to the giant airplane manufacturer-Boeing, the membership only warehouse-Costco, the coffee giant-Starbucks and the luxury department store-Nordstrom. The tech sector is booming, of course, but the state has also seen expansions in the life sciences, clean energy and space projects.

Other firms, including tech, multi-national corporations, and the military, generate thousands of job vacancies, making it easy for almost anyone (with the right skills) to find an open position and start earning.

With unemployment being one of the major concerns of relocators, Washington State is a region where workers intentionally move to find jobs. The State is the hub for startups and ever-evolving companies, listing it as the top state for business in the country.

Snohomish County is where small business thrive. The big tech successes in Seattle and its suburbs have helped entrepreneurism flourish in Washington.

No Income tax

That’s true! Washington State is one of only seven states to have no policy for income tax. Citizens can keep all their earnings for themselves.

With savings like that it would conceivably only take a few months in saved taxes to make up for the cost of northwest real estate which is above the national average!  NO capital gains tax either. 

Low Property Tax

Washington State has property tax rates below the national average of 1.07%. More specifically, the state’s average effective tax rate is 0.93%. Click here for a Washington State property tax calculator to make your own estimate.

Your Guide to Homeownership

Everything you need to know about buying a home in Washington State.

Average Sales Tax 

Sales Tax in Washington State can range from 6.5% to 10.4% but luckily groceries are usually exempt from any tax.

Here is a local’s insider tip: If you need to do some major shopping, drive a couple hours south to Portland, OR and take advantage of the cities 0% sales tax. Or head north to Vancouver, BC where any tax paid will be reimbursed to you after you file the proper paperwork.

World-Class Education

View of University of Washington, brick building with evergreen trees around.
Four happy students walking down a long university hallway.

Washington State has excellent colleges and universities. From primary schools to universities, loads of international and in-state students get enrolled in Washington schools every year.

Some of the top WA public school districts include Seattle Public Schools, Lake Washington School District, and Bothell School District, just to name a few.

The University of Washington trails only Harvard, Stanford and Johns Hopkins among U.S. institutions; coming in the fourth position for global rankings among US universities.

On top of the states world-class education, the governor of the State is extraordinarily mindful of the fees. In 2015, the government cut down 15-20% of the college tuition fees to make colleges more accessible for all aspiring students.

Attractive Cost of Living

Moving to Washington State is an attractive venture. While not considered cheap, the cost of living in Washington State is feasible. Given the loads of charms the region has to offer in other ways, the common living expenses are affordable but not a primary draw to the area.

While groceries can feel a bit pricey, healthcare in the State is cheaper than the national average. To be precise, it’s 17% cheaper to pay for annual health insurance and healthcare facilities than the average pricing nationwide.

Utility bills cost almost 25% cheaper than the national average, where gas will cost you $3.53 a gallon compared to the national average of $2.90.

Diverse Weather

Besides the economy, Washington State’s climate offers even more diversity. Washington weather offers beautiful contrasts; from Washington’s west side with moderate glowing summers (think white puffy clouds and bright blue skies) to light snow fall in mid-winter to Washington’s eastern side with dry, hot summers and heavy winter snow.

Washington Trees changing colors in the fall.  We see Evergreen trees next to maple leaf like trees that are bright red and and orange.
A filed full of beautiful tulips white, red, yellow, and purples.  There is a red barn in the background

Relocators absolutely enjoy the shades of the climate in the cities around Seattle. Fall burns bright with the oranges and reds from the changing foilage while spring is lit up by the color of tulip fields. Going north and in the less dense areas, such as Snohomish County, nature shines and the weather turns even more beautiful.

Summers in western Washington are fresh and relatively dry in the upper 70°s, while they can get quite warm in Eastern Washington.

Western Washington winters are mild (40°s) and wet, with mainly cloudy skies, and long-lasting drizzly rain which maintains the state’s beautiful evergreen color. With the Cascade mountains so close, great skiing in the winter is always nearby.

A Healthy Lifestyle

Washingtonians love the outdoors and spending time in nature and it shows. Also, the fertile land and moderate temperatures allows for a bounty of fresh vegetables and handcrafted food products seen on display at the numerous farmer’s markets sprinkled around the state.

These facts are probably the reason Washington ranked #9 for the 10 states with the lowest obesity rate.

A girl hiking in the woods.  Waterfall in the background, she is baregoot and holding her sneakers.
Fresh vegetables being displayed on a wood table and bails of hay at a farmer's market.

Moving to Washington State

If you’re thinking about moving to Washington State, take the leap at once. Besides the benefits listed above, the State has long been tax-friendly to retirees.

The absence of tax on inheritance property or pensions makes it the premier place to retire for all individuals. Pair it with ever-increasing housing values; you’ve got a recipe for a care-free retired life in Washington.

With a relatively low crime rate, magical weather, and beautiful counties to call home, moving to Washington State is a chance you don’t want to miss!

Your Guide To Homeownership

Everything you need to know about buying a home in Washington State.

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